It's a Middlemarch Read-Along through July and early August!
**I had to abandon this read-along due to work, etc., during this time period.
(I knew it was going to be challenging to keep up, but wanted to try anyway!)
However, I am retaining it on my 20 Books of Summer challenge
and will try to do my best to read it and post at least an overall review, 
if not specific reviews as I read the 8 sections.
George Eliot/Mary Ann Evans wrote this in eight volumes 1871-72.
I am reading an Oxford World's Classic edition of this...chunkster classic!
Upon reading the 44-page Introduction I have learned much about this literary work-- 
it's significance in literary evolution and history, and about the author.
I will add interesting tidbits from those initial pages to this page and as appropriate, 
to the weekly review posts. 
Here is my introductory/announcement post.
Here is the post where you can register to participate on Bex's blog, 

Middlemarch was originally published in 8 volumes, 
hence the eight sections:

Miss Brooke
Old and Young
Waiting for Death
Three Love Problems
The Dead Hand
The Widow and The Wife
Two Temptations
Sunset and Sunrise

The reading schedule doesn't exactly correspond 
to the eight sections, 
but I'm confident it will work!

The reading schedule:

                                                     July 27-July 3: Chapters 1-14
                                                     July 4-10: Chapters 15-28
                                                     July 11-17: Chapters 29-42
                                                     July 18-24: Chapters 43-56
                                                     July 25-31: Chapters 57-70
                                                     August 1-7: Chapters 71-FINALE

To be honest, I already have a rather full reading 'schedule,'
but I can't miss this opportunity to read this behemoth while I have additional 
support and motivation provided by other read-along participants!
Join us...if you dare!
This is a great opportunity to read a chunkster classic!
This book will count toward my Classics Club and their Women's Classic Literature Event,
Historical Fiction, and 20 Books of Summer!

Unlike me, have you read any of George Eliot's works?
Or have you already read Middlemarch?

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