2019 Back to the Classics

Yet another reading challenge for 2019!
Karen of Books and Chocolate is hosting another 
I had seen this mentioned in years past and never followed up, but since I am already committed to at least three other challenges this year, what's one more? 

I really want to get some more classics read this year and 
update my current Classics Club listing to accurately reflect what I've actually read. 
Of course, my goal is to post a review here for each of those. 
(Reading is the easy part, composing reviews seems very time-consuming to me!) 
Each of these books must have been published no later than 1969.
You can access all the categories and rules in the above link,
but a summary follows...
You are to have registered by March 1, 2019, which I missed, but I'm still going to participate even though I cannot officially link to the challenge now...on March 11!
There are specific requirement for the "wrap-up" posting as well...
I guess I have, in effect, made it easier on myself by not being able to "register"
but I'm still anxious to complete the challenge!
Extrinsic rewards are not my ultimate goal, after all!

As of October 27, 2019:
5 categories satisfied (they are bolded)
78 books read in 2019

There are 12 categories:

* A book I own
** A book scheduled for one of my book clubs

     1. 19th Century Classic: published between 1800 and 1899
          *The Moonstone
          *Good Wives
          Wives and Daughters
     2. 20th Century Classic: published between 1900 and 1969 
         * **They Were Sisters by Dorothy Whipple (2/14/2019)

     3. Classic written by a Female
         *The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (9/27/2019)
         *Beloved by Toni Morrison (10/27/2019)

     4. Classic in Translation

     5. Classic Comic Novel
          Excellent Women
          Cold Comfort Farm          
          Three Men in a Boat

     6. Classic Tragic Novel
         *Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (9/2/19) 
         *Things Fall Apart
         The House of Mirth

     7. Very Long Classic: 500 pages or more

     8. Classic Novella: 250 pages or less
         *Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin (2/24/2019)

     9. Classic from the Americas (Including the Caribbean)
     10. Classic from Africa, Asia, or Oceania (includes Australia)
           *Things Fall Apart
           Occasion for Loving
            The Lying Days
            World of Strangers

     11. Classic from a Place You've Lived

     12. Classic Play
           *A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry (8-11-19)

Once a review has been posted, the title will link directly to that review! 
As with They Were Sisters!

You must read a different book for each category; 
no counting one book for 2 or more categories.
But...there are only 12 categories!

There is a prize that will be awarded to one participant in January 2020; 
a $30 gift certificate to either Amazon or The Book Depository.

You will be entered in the drawing for this prize 1-3 times, 
based upon the number of categories you complete between January 1 and December 31:
1 entry = 6 categories
2 entries = 9 categories
3 entries = 12 categories

I am happy to report that I have already completed the 2 categories! 

I don't know for certain what I will read for the other categories, 
but I have listed some of the possibilities.

How about you? 
Have you read any of these I have listed? 
If so, which would you recommend?
If not, do any of these interest you?
Any books you could recommend for the unsatisfied categories?

Happy reading!

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