Re-Readathon #4

Bex of An Armchair by the Sea is at it again! 
It is Re-Readathon #4, scheduled August 20-21, 2016!
Thank you, Bex, for doing this again!

When I saw this event annoucement, I knew I wanted to participate, 
since I really enjoyed the most recent one, Re-Readathon #3
which I completed this last spring. 

However, I was uncertain what I might want to re-read right now. 
Though, as I was composing my TTT post for June 19, 
[Yes, I was a day late, on Wednesday, June 20! I know... ;)]
I realized I really want to re-read Born Under a Million Shadows 
by Andrea Busfield so that I can 'review it properly' here
I'm also hopeful she will consent to an author interview!
(My fingers are crossed!)
Update: she did consent and now I must devote the time to complete this!

So that is one. I could also complete my re-read of Gone With the Wind 
for the Read-Along I abandoned last year! 
Trust me, this is NOT due to any reticence on my part to reading this book 
yet again, quite the opposite! 
I believe I rather hated to be done with it...I do love this book so very much!

If I can complete these two reading projects as well as the update posts 
for GWTW and a review of BUaMS, 
I will have done well for a ten-day time period, in my humble opinion! 

What book do you most want to re-read?
What is your main reason for revisiting it? 
Leave a comment and... 
don't forget to register for this event!


  1. Yay,so glad you're joining us again! I want to reread Gone with the Wind again sometime,though probably not this time as I already have SO much on my tbr! I'm thinking I'll start with Animal,Vegetable,Miracle again because Little House is super inspiring me to grow my own at the moment :-)

    1. Happy to participate! I agree about the LH influence with gardening/fresh food! I have never read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I should... :)