GWTW Read-Along!

I am joining others in the Gone With the Wind Read-Along initiated
by Corinne at the pursuit of happiness.
This is one of my absolute favorite books ever!
Also one of my absolute favorite movies ever!
Feel free to join in!
This read-along runs May-August 2015
In perusing the web I have learned that Corinne of the pursuit of happiness is unable to continue blogging for now, but the good news is that Brona of Brona's Books is standing in for her until her return--there you will find links to others' GWTW reviews!
Visit these other bloggers also participating and hosting: 
Bryn of Gleaningful (And yes, I realize, she is caught up with the schedule below! 
I will try not to hold that against her!)
TJ of My Book Strings
Maria of The Spare Room
I love this picture of Tara.
I was raised on a 180-acre farm that my grandmother owned and
I knew and loved every inch of that land and the buildings on it!
I was an only child AND quite the "tomboy"/explorer!
Check it out at the pursuit of happiness
Here is the schedule:
          Friday, May 1st: initial post! (I truly am so excited to reread this!)
          Saturday, May 16th: Check-in for Chapters 1-10 (145 pages)
          Saturday, May 30th: Check-in for Chapters 11-20 (99 pages)
          Saturday, June 13th: Check-in for Chapters 21-30 (118 pages)
          Saturday, June 27th: Check-in for Chapters 31-40 (147 pages)
          Saturday, July 11th: Check-in for Chapters 41-50 (122 pages)
          Saturday, July 28th: Check-in for Chapters 51-60 (79 pages)
          Saturday, August 1st: Check-in for Chapters 61-63  (23 pages) FINAL DISCUSSION

          **Note that the page quantities may vary for other editions!

While it may seem that I am taking FOREVER to finish this, 
I actually cannot stand to just read this in little spurts, 
so I don't start reading in it unless 
I have at least 2-3 hours of uninterrupted reading time. :)

I want this reread to serve as impetus to finally read Rhett Butler's People and Ruth's Journey: The Authorized Novel of Mammy from Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind by Donald McCaig. I did read Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind by Alexandra Ripley at least 20 years ago, and though her writing resonated with me, I did not appreciate this book as a sequel to one of the best books ever written, in my opinion. I might reread it or I might not...

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