Monday, September 5, 2016

Little House Read-Along for September: The First Four Years

Little House Read-Along 2016
I so loved reading These Happy Golden Years!

I admit that in researching I did read of some not-so-great events 
in Laura's adult life, so am a bit hesitant about this last book in the series, 
I realize heartbreak is part of life, but These Happy Golden Years 
was so optimistic, upbeat, and enjoyable overall! 
I'll just have to keep that positive spirit in mind!
In reading the introduction to this book, 
I have learned it was published following the death of Rose, 
by her long-time friend and lawyer, Roger MacBride.
No editing was done to Laura Ingalls Wilder's original composition;
it was published just as she wrote it as a first draft.
It will be interesting to see how much differently 
this might read than the other books which Rose edited.

Then we will move on to other books written and published by Wilder 
and others about her and her daughter, Rose.

I read the first two of these just before reading the series.

What impressed me most was the writing style. 

                              by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane

                              by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Roger Lea Mac Bride, 
                                   Margot Patterson Doss

December 2016       A Wilder Rose by Susan Wittig Albert and/or
                              Pioneer Girl by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Pamela Smith Hill
                              Albert is one of my favorite authors and I am sure I'll                                                  enjoy the writing in A Wilder Rose.
                              I already own a copy of Pioneer Girl and am planning to 
                                   start reading it in October so I can take my time and 
                                   read a bit at a time. It is quite large!

So, here we go...the last official installment of the Little House book series,
though not the end of our Read-Along! :)

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