The Joy Luck Club Read-Along!!

Hosted by Rachelle at The Reading Wench

I'm uncertain just how long I have owned this book, but it's been years!           

I really really want to read it, along with the others on my overflowing 
"to infinity and beyond" TBR list! 

I loved the movie and assume I'll love the book even more!

This will also work for the Classics Club!!

Although I am still working on completing the Gone With the Wind Read-Along, I think I can also do this one! (Time will tell...)

The Reading Schedule

       Dates                  Chapters

September 7-12: "The Joy Luck Club" and "Scar"  Check-In #1
September 13-19: "The Red Candle" and "The Moon Lady"  Check-In #2

September 20-26: "Rules of the Game," "The Voice from the Wall," and 
                            "Half and Half"

September 27-October 3: "Two Kinds" and "Rice Husband"

October 4-10: "Four Directions," "Without the Wood," and "Best Quality"

October 11-17: "Magpies" and "Waiting Between the Trees"

October 18-23: "Double Face" and "A Pair of Tickets" 

Can. Not. Wait! :)


  1. I'm happy to have you participating in the read-along! :)

    1. Happy to be with you! I'm thrilled for the motivation to read this one! :)