Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Library Checkout

I believe it is only fitting and proper that I participate in this monthly posting hosted by Shannon of River City Reading. There are several reasons:

1) I am currently President of our local library's Board of Trustees and should use it as much as possible! You know...set a good example! :)

2) I love the library!! Always have...always will! This was virtually my only source of reading material when young. 

3) I should know all about how our local library system and the electronic lending system network functions! Since I am technically a part of our library... :)

4) I already own way too many books and really shouldn't purchase many more... :) Well, okay, to be honest, I should never purchase ANY more books! But that just isn't going to happen! :)

5) I want this to serve as further encouragement to read more library books. Plus, I do have an "in" with our Library Director since I can recommend books for purchase! :) But all library patrons have the option to request specific titles for future purchase!

September 2015

Books Read: 

1) Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng
The blog post says it all for me! Poignant, heartrending, yet in the end, hopeful! 

2) Golden Boy by Abigail Tarttelin 
(Only a Goodreads review posted, blog post under construction!)
A powerful and informative read! (Update--blog post finally done!!)

3) Yes Please by Amy Poehler 
(Only a Goodreads review posted, blog post under construction!)
Since I haven't watched TV in over 15 years I have never watched Amy Poehler, the comedian/actor, but I really enjoyed this audiobook during my commute back and forth to work and I like this woman! She seems to be genuine and honest. I love her description of her love for her sons--she could just eat 'em up! :)

Currently Reading: 

1) Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson
Another audiobook, as with Yes Please, Woodson is the narrator. I am 1/4 done and loving it. Very simple language. Heartfelt. Genuine.  

Checked Out, TBR:

1) Open and Shut by David Rosenfelt
A mystery and first in a series!

2) Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively

Man Booker Prize winner in 1987.

3) Andrea Martin's Lady Parts by Andrea Martin

Looked like it might be humorous and enjoyable--a break from some more intense reads.

Returned Unread:

None. One huge perk to serving on the Board of Trustees is that I never accumulate or owe fines! So I can keep books as long as no one else places a hold on them, with no penalty. :) However, in all fairness I have only taken advantage of this a few times over the past few years! :)

On Hold: 

1) Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson
Another humorous one for the car during my daily commute!


  1. Nice perk, Lynn! Although, it would probably lead to a very tall tower of books from the library waiting to be read. So, maybe, for me, it's good that I have a time limit. :)

    1. Well, as you probably remember I already have many piles of books in my home that I own, making it a bit easier to restrain myself a bit on the library books. Plus, our Library Director and I are both avid readers, so she always wants to know if my review has been posted, etc. She helps keep me on track...somewhat! :)

  2. Nice perk! I should look into that! ;)

    1. You definitely should!! I love it! :) Though I have only returned books late 2-3 times thus far in 2 1/2 years. That's not bad, I guess! :)

  3. I don't know Amy Poehler from TV either, but I agree that in her book she comes across very genuine and seems very grounded. I like your perk of no time limit as well, but it would be dangerous for me. Plus, if I return books unread, I have a good reason to go back to the library: check them out again. ;)

    1. That is so true about the library visits! :) Glad to know there is someone else who hasn't watched Amy (I'm sure I can call her that now, since I really do want to be here friend! lol) on TV! :) I only have access to our library on Saturdays and each Saturday morning I have a standing appointment with my chiropractor, though, fortunately some weeks I cancel since I don't feel I need an adjustment. So it is not convenient for me through the week, by the time I arrive home in the evening, it is closed! :) But it is so tempting, even online just to place holds!

  4. I am jealous of your library perks! I think I would end up using my powers for evil . . . .

  5. Super lucky with your trick to get out of returning books unread! Mine tend to go back when others have holds, but every once in a while I'll catch a pesky fine ;)

    1. I fully admit it is nice! :) And since I'm trying to read more from the library and purchaser fewer books (Our house is only so big!), it helps eliminate some stress! :)