Thursday, December 31, 2015

Little House Read-Along for January: Little House in the Big Woods

And here we are! Into the new year of 2016!!
It will be a "wilder" one for at least 13 of us who are currently registered to participate in the Little House Read-Along for this new year! 
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This month's read is Little House in the Big Woods
I am so very excited to get started! My set just arrived today, as well as my beautiful copy of Pioneer Girl. I admit to having already read several of the books we will read after these first 9 and I am fascinated by this story, not only of these books and Laura's life, but how they were actually written and published!

Please use the Linky below to link to a review during this month of January. It would be great if all of us who are participating this month could have them posted and linked here by January 31st!

I'm hoping to read this book over the first week of January. 
I think I'm just too excited to wait! :)


  1. I have read the book and posted my review. Now the really fun stuff starts. Finding out the answers to all the questions I jotted down as I was reading!! I will be adding more posts on this book during this month!! Ciao.

    1. Fantastic! I will be posting my review this weekend and visiting everyone else's as they are available! :)

  2. I misread a sentence. So my link is to my actual site instead of my review. I am about to post my review now.

    1. Excellent! No problem! I hope to have my own review posted tomorrow! Can't wait to see everyone else's thoughts. :)

  3. Such a darling book. Glad I could revisit it!