Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Little House Read-Along for February: Little House on the Prairie

I trust we've all survived and thrived during the first month of January 
and are ready for the second month! Bring it on 2016!!
I was ill throughout the whole first month, so February 
must hold better things in store for me! 
I feel as if the only direction to go from here is UP!! 

I know I am more than ready to launch into book #2 for the Little House Read-Along!
I'm anxious to see how this book compares to the first, Little House in the Big Woods.
If you're on Twitter, check out #LittleHouseRAL. 
I tweeted each person's review of Little House in the Big Woods that was posted!
You can also access direct links to those reviews here
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And now with book #2 I understand the Ingalls family will move to Kansas. 

That will prove to be quite different for the children, I'm sure! Doubt there will be as much woodland there as they've been accustomed to. It will be interesting to see how much impact this makes upon their daily lives and the availability of things such as the sap from maple trees to make maple syrup! 
(I personally would miss that terribly!) 
Though I'm sure other new things will appear to them!

I really hope to get this one read and reviewed much earlier in the month than I managed with Little House in the Big Woods in January. (Did I mention I've been ill?) :)

In the process of reading others' reviews of Little House in the Big Woods 
I discovered musical links posted by Kim @ A Gathering of Days
They are near the bottom of her posting for Chapter 1
(Yes, she was dedicated enough to post for each of the 13 chapters! 
Now that's dedication!) Really interesting to listen to some of the music! 
Thank you for sharing, Kim!

Feel free to link to your Little House on the Prairie review using the Linky below or you can do so at Bex's introductory February posting at An Armchair by the Sea! 
All review postings will be visible on both blogs!
For some reason the Linky already linked to my February #LittleHouseRAL review! Weird! 
I tried reinstalling it several times, but it does it every time! 
Guess I'd better hurry up with the review of the second book, huh? 


  1. Replies
    1. So glad! I finished it yesterday and am planning to post my review tonight, if at all possible. Can't wait to read all the reviews! So. Much. Fun!

  2. My review is up! I've dragged my husband along with me on this, but unfortunately, he isn't blogging about it. But he and a friend of ours have been having a lot of interesting discussions about pioneer days, and changing times.

    1. That is amazing! How wonderful that he is along for the ride, so to speak! I bet this prompts many thoughts about "work" and survival between them!

  3. Writing my post as we speak! I think I'm developing something of a habit of reading early on in the month and not posting until right the last minute! I'm so enjoying myself though :-)

    1. Agreed! Just completed mine and am publishing now! :) On to Twitter! And to read everyone else's reviews tomorrow! (I was sick again and that delayed me.)

  4. Unfortunately, I am unable to post on Penni's Perceptions' review posting. I don't have a Wordpress account! :( But I liked her review! :)