Friday, February 5, 2016

#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks January 2016 Update

As I review my Goodreads listing of Books Read, which is my go-to comprehensive listing, 
I am a bit appalled at my lack of restraint with regard to the library/new-to-me books 
I read since the first of the year. 

I read a total of 6 books that I own in January 2016.

However, I had ordered a new book from my local independent bookstore in December (Women and Appletrees by Moa Martinson)  
and hadn't stopped by to pick it up due to illness, and when I did, 
I purchased another two that I really wanted to read and own. 
I mean, it would be rude not to browse and 
help support the store...right?!? 

The Swans of Fifth AvenueThen at the very end of the month I was able to attend a talk by Melanie Benjamin, 
meet her,  and have her sign my 
newly-purchased copy of 
The Swans of Fifth Avenue
her newest release and 
the reason for her current book tour
and visit to Indianapolis! 

She also graciously signed my copy of 

So...I purchased and brought into the house another 4 books in January 2016.

Net result? Of the books I now own, 
I had only read 2 more than I had added to my collection. 
*Shakin' my head...* Rather sad...

Here is the real culprit, however, my library activity throughout January 2016! 
The LIBRARY! I read 5 library books and went hold crazy
End result? 
As of today, February 5, I have 11 library books checked out, 
6 of which I have read but have yet to review, leaving 5 more library books to read. 
I have a total of 5 more books on hold, 3 of which are to be picked up this next week. *Sigh...* 

But, I refuse to leave this on such pessimistic terms... 
At least I didn't purchase all those library books and bring them into the house! 
It could have been MUCH could have! 

On to February 2016. And...the first book I finished reading this month? Laughing Boy by Oliver La Farge, a library book... *Shrugs* Hmmmm... 

Image result for laughing boy cover image

There is definitely room for improvement! :)

How about you? Are you participating in #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks? 

Or are you smart enough not to allow so many books to accumulate in your house?


  1. The library is also my main culprit. I only read 2.5 of my own books in January - the rest were library books. But, there is still the rest of the year ahead of me. And 2.5 is better than zero, right? :)

    1. So very true! Only 2 for me, by the time I add in the 4 new books! But I could put a positive spin on it and just consider that I did read 6 of the books I own. :) At least we're trying!! :)

    2. I would definitely look at it that way! Books you own are books you own, even if they're new. :)