Thursday, May 12, 2016

At the mountain again...with the offspring!

Written by Jean Craighead George
Illustrated by Danile San Souci
This is a gorgeous picture book telling the tale of 
Frightful's female offspring and the Baron Weasel 

I had checked this out of the library and took it with me
to the last book club meeting so others could see it.
One of our members was fascinated by the "beautiful" 
(Her word, not mine.) illustrations and the story.

This is definitely one I will purchase for my grandchildren.

The illustrations are beautiful 
and I love the story.

Oksi, Frightful's daughter, has two eyases in the nest box
Sam had made. She and Falco, her partner and father
of the eyases must hunt alot to feed their two babies.

They are six weeks old and just about ready to fledge!
To fledge is to fly for the first time. 

Meanwhile, the Baron and Baroness have four little ones of their own to feed.

And baby birds are a delicacy to weasels! 

As you can imagine, this makes for some tense moments.

The Baron keeps trying to attack the ayeses, 
while Sam, Oksi, and Falco are 
determined to protect them 
until they can fly away!

As Sam says at one point, "...peace is sure hard to come by."

I have yet to read the two sequels 

to My Side of the Mountain-- 

Here is the book that started it all:
Have you ever read a Jean Craighead George book?

There are many and all that I have read have been excellent!

All three of my sons liked her books.

After having read H is for Hawk
I have learned much about these birds of prey! 
Though I've never been wild about birds overall, 
these books have been fascinating to read and learn!

Have you read any of these? 
Or any other books by Jean Craighead George?

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