Monday, August 1, 2016

Little House Read-Along for August: These Happy Golden Years

 My plan was to finish this before midnight so it could be posted on August 1st!
So much for that! :)

Our next book in the Little House series is
These Happy Golden Years...
and I'm bettin' just from looking at the cover that 
Almanzo and Laura may get married in this one!
Or at least they are 'sweethearts'! 
I love this older cover image below...
I guess we know which two horses those are, huh? :) 
I have so enjoyed this series that I will indeed be sad to have it end... :(

But much as I did with the Anne of Green Gables series last year, 
I will have these wonderful stories to remember now! 
Of course, I'm old enough now, that I may be able to reread these 
within just a few years and it will seem like the first time! 
I may not remember much of anything about them! :) LOL

Here is the link and happy reading!
I hope to once again complete my reading and review 
much earlier in the month, but...
well, we'll see how that goes! 

Join us!


  1. I think this is my favorite, favorite book. Prepare to walk in Laura's shoes. Oh, to be young again (and in love...)

    1. I think I'm rather jaded about that whole "I'm in love" thing, having been burned in my first marriage, but I do so appreciate having a wonderfully kindhearted, supportive, respectful partner the second time around! ;) Being young did present unlimited possibilities!

  2. My 5-year old daughter Penelope is excited to get to this book just because the picture makes her think romance will happen. We are still reading On the Banks of Plum Creek slowly, but surely.

    1. That is wonderful! How neat to share this with your daughter! Firstly, I'm a little jealous since I have three daughters! Secondly, I'm so thrilled you spend time with her reading! How cool is that? :)

  3. Apologies to all! Work has kept me well...working! Rather than doing things I enjoy! Now to read your reviews! :) And link them to my #LittleHouseRAL page!