Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Today Show list of "10 Books Everyone Should Be Reading Right Now"

My "reading buddy" at work got me on to this listing from The Today Show.

I believe this specific list grabbed my attention because I had only two books on my TBR listing that are included here! Trust me, that's a really low number for me! 

Those two are Children of Blood and Bone and Heart Berries, both of which I now own.
I really really really want to read this one!
Many times I wish to avoid a book that receives so
much "hype," but I feel as if this one will not disappoint!
And that cover! I mean...that cover!!
I just hope my assumption is correct! 
It may be selected as an upcoming read for two 
different book clubs in which I participate. 
So much the better!!

Maybe part of my fascination deals with having recently watched the movie Black Panther
(I just wish it was true!) 
And...if you haven't yet watched this movie...
do yourself a favor! Just do it! 
Definitely better on the big screen,
but the story should hold true on a small screen as well! 
I love that movie so perhaps I am currently
obsessed/enthralled with all things African? :)
If so, I can accept that! 

Heart Berries is so short!
It must fall into the category of "small but mighty"!

I am so anxious to read it, but I have so many others I need
to read for book clubs...sigh... :) 
(Psst! This definitely qualifies as a "first-world problem"!)

Here is an NPR Weekend Edition Sunday interview 
with author Terese Marie Mailhot.

Really hope that my wish comes true and 
I get to meet her at Second Flight Books 
and get her personal inscription 
on my copy of this book this next Saturday, April 26! 
In honor of Independent Bookstore Day!   

But oh, my! Some of the other books on this list! 
Here goes the TBR listing! Blowing up yet again!

That Kind of Mother by Rumaan Alam

Yup! Definitely my kinda story!
Mix it up with inter-related characters of varied race/ethnicity, 
babies born and raised, 
and a substitute/surrogate parent 
when one mother dies in childbirth.
I can only imagine all the psychological and 
sociological dimensions and complications! 

Force of Nature by Jane Harper

I'm certainly going to be wary if our department chair suddenly
decides for us to complete a similar team-building/training
exercise in the wilderness! 
What a compelling scenario! How could I not want to know!?! :)

by Leslie Jamison

Uhm...being intimately familiar with addiction issues via my ex-husband, particularly with regard to alcoholic beverages, I believe 
I would need to be in a specific type of mood to read this. 
Although it sounds as if it is not your typical memoir 
with regard to addiction and its consequences. 
Plus it has rave reviews from both Roxane Gay and Ayelet Waldman, two authors I totally respect...

Oh, yeah...Jerkins definitely appears to be another essayist 
I will definitely enjoy reading. And that photo/cover!
I mean, the tilt of the head and the facial expression alone 
alert me to the fact that this is one STRONG woman! 
With spirit and intention!
And given the Top Ten Tuesday posting I just completed, 
I bet no one refers to Morgan as "girl"! :) Nor should they!
How inviting is this description? This essay collection 
"interweaves personal experience with incisive commentary on pop culture, feminism, black history, misogyny, and racism."

Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

The premise of this book sounds amazing, particularly in
the current environment when the younger generation has
had the benefit (or not, depending upon your own experience and opinions) of virtually constant exposure 
to electronic media and communications since birth. 
These two people meet and develop a "strange, 
wonderful friendship--all happening over text--
that deepens into something more. 
A wonderfully funny, compelling romance that allows
for joy without shying away from darkness, featuring
two unforgettable who fall in love while trying to
accept themselves." 
A bit reminiscent of Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. 
And I was totally enamored with that book, 
so I think this one is definitely worth reading!
Besides, I love YA!

Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney

"My name is Amber Reynolds. 
There are three things you should know about me:
1. I'm in a coma.
2. My husband doesn't love me anymore.
3. Sometimes I lie.
Amber wakes up in a hospital. She can't move. She can't speak...
She can hear everyone around her, but they have no idea."
Okay, that's more than enough to pique my interest! :)

I love lists of books. And I love it when almost all of them 
seem more than worthy of my attention!

I hope this list provided you with some "want to read" titles as well!

What lists have you discovered lately?

Happy reading!

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