Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Classics Club Spin #9--book #2 on my list!

The Making of Americans by Gertrude Stein

Uhm...I probably should have investigated this book a bit more before committing to read it for a spin! It contains 926 pages! Yikes! Oh, well, after April 25 I'll have time...to...read...all...926...pages. I'm sure! Sure I'm sure! Yeah...sure! :)

As I read more about this book, it is evidently VERY repetitive!! Something I don't appreciate about the books I read? Repetition! Yikes again!!

But I will persevere nonethless. I mean, I did FINALLY make it through The Golden Notebook, so I'm sure Stein won't present a more insurmountable challenge than Lessing did...right?!? 

And with 36 reviews on Goodreads, it is an average of 3.76/5.00. That's good...right?!? Right! 

And here is a rejection letter that made me chuckle!

But...this is a classic piece of literature and I am so curious to read Stein's writing--I am still enthralled to read and review this one! So onward and upward!!

Here are some of the covers I discovered...with the edition I wish to read to the right.

Do you envy or pity me at this point for this selection? :)

I really hope to have a review posted on May 15th! Check back to see how I do with this commitment! (I may be ready to be committed before I finish it!)


  1. Hm. I'd say I envy your commitment to tackling Stein, but man...it's a chunkster! Sometimes to get myself through long, hard books, I figure out how many pages or chapters I have to read per day or week to finish on time. Usually makes it seem a little less daunting. Good luck!!

    1. That's a great idea! Although sometimes when I have a "schedule" and get off-track I stress... Ha! No easy answers on this one! I'll just plug away! 😃

    2. Yeah, I do that too. How about this: a schedule until we get off track, and then as soon as we start to feel stressed, we ditch the schedule? :)

  2. I admit I was very intrigued by the premise of this book but don't have any plans to tackle it just yet. I'll look forward to your review of it first ;-) Good luck!!

  3. Here's hoping I actually finish it!! ;)