Friday, November 27, 2015

Is there a witch? Where is the ghost? Who is a fake? Who is the murderer?

Last Wool
Last Wool and Testament 
While I did like this book, it is not going to be a priority for me to read further in this series just now. Why?
Simply due to the fact that there are many other books/series that I am more interested in reading.
This won the 
2013 Lovey Award for Best Paranormal/Sci-fi Novel 
and was listed in the Suspense Magazine's Best of 2012.
None too shabby!
I admit that initially I was a bit concerned that this might be too "romancy" for me. But after 40 pages or so I was grateful to discover that was not true! The mystery was well-planned and the book held a good pace for me after that first section. I just can't say MacRae's writing style is a favorite for me. I didn't feel the characterization was as in-depth or detailed for me as I prefer. However, I think many readers would enjoy it! It has a Goodreads rating of 3.65! 

In the wake of Kath's grandmother's death, a letter is delivered to Kath that Ivy had left for her to read after her death. In it she indicates there are some secret talents Kath may inherit. This prompts Kath to remember just how cryptic Ivy had been with her in the past few months, not wanting her to visit, etc. There are several "mysteries" in this one book and each of them is depicted rather believably. Kath appears to have developed a 'sixth sense' about certain things as she experiences life in Blue Plum, Tennessee, once again. There are the two obnoxious, gossipy, manipulative Spivey Twins, Shirley and Mercy, whom no one seems to want around...ever! There is the Deputy whom Kath has privately nicknamed Clod. And Joe the Pantry Guy who seems capable of getting in anywhere at any time to any place. There are many unique characters, but there isn't much time spent developing them, which I realize many people prefer! Just not me...

And exactly who would encourage you to stay in an unoccupied house and neglect to tell you the former occupant died a violent death in the the same bed where you are about to sleep? Yikes!! I'm surprised Kath didn't immediately leave again, never to return! 

I loved Ernestine, and the whole TGIF crew! I admit I doubted several different people, but the murderer's identity still rather surprised me. 

Have you read any of Molly MacRae's books?
This one was enjoyable, but not a favorite. 
It says something when I don't have even one quote to pass along...

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