Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Top Ten books every grandma/grandpa should read!

Welcome to a slight variation on the Top Ten "Tuesday" theme!
It is...Top Ten Tuesday on a Wednesday!!
I had started this post several days ago and wasn't able to finish until now!
(Yes, I'm cheating...shhhhhhh.)
Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
This week's Top Ten is rather open-ended...Top Ten Books Every _______ Should Read!  
Rather than trying to think of a specific genre or sub-genre of books/reading materials, 
I decided to go with something linked to my personal life--being a GRANDMA!!
And just to prove I am a true feminist, am including the males!!
Especially since I have committed to 
And Bex of An Armchair by the Sea and I are cohosting 
a year-long Little House Read-along 2016!
I do always keep a Children's/Juvenile Literature page on my blog for these reviews.
Though I'm sure I'll include some in this posting that I have not yet 
read and reviewed for this blog. Considering the fact that I have now been alive 60+ years and only established this blog June 1, 2013, not even quite 3 years ago,
I have read many more books than have been reviewed here! :) 
I refuse to review from memory only, though I have 
done so on Goodreads for some books, that is not the purpose of this blog.  

Granted, I have yet to make any headway on all my children's literature during this month of April, but I did read and review three excellent children's books in March! 

The Cay by Theodore Taylor

Just as good as I remembered!

And I have Timothy of the Cay 

checked out from the library!

My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

In addition to the original book and two sequels above, 
there is also a picture book! >>>>>>>

And, yes, you guessed correctly! 

I have all of these 
checked out from the library 
and ready to read!

    Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder
My favorite of the Little House books so far! 

You may already be aware that 
are cohosting a Little House Read-Along throughout 2016. 
We read one book per month!
 This is my first time to read these books 
and I adore them! 

Speaking of Read-Alongs 
and Children's books, 
I completed Reeder Reads' 
last year and 
loved all those books 
so very much! 

And, reading these books got me 
so into 
L.M. Montgomery's writing, that I 
now have 
checked out of the library! 
I'm anxious to see how this compares to GG!

I also want to read Before Green Gables
a prequel to Montgomery's series, 
written by Budge Wilson 
and released in 2008. 
Although I adore both of these covers,
how could I resist the one 
with the big orange kitty?!? >>>>>>>>

There is also Emily Trilogy 
and she published many more, 
including short story collections! 
  I just imagine I would enjoy any or all of them!

I typically am not a huge fan of "retellings," 
but was very tempted by Andi Teran's 
Ana of California, released in June 2015. 
This was billed as a modern-day retelling of Anne of Green Gables
though Ana is latina.
Honestly, I didn't expect to enjoy it much, 
but I truly enjoyed it!

One of the most humorous children's books 
I've read in awhile is 
written by Kate DiCamillo 
& illustrated by K.G. Campbell.
This one is a gem 
and the illustrations are wonderful!

What a shock this book was for me!
I really had no idea what to expect
and was so gratified with this
beautiful story of a girl, 
who although her own brother is "different," 
discovers she still has some prejudices 
of her own to overcome!
And she does so...brilliantly!

And for intrigue during war time and occupation, 
as well as a mystery, 
you can't beat this historical fiction book,
Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan!
I remembered this book so clearly from 
having read it when I was about 10 years old! 
And I still loved it almost 50 years later!
Children love the fact that these children take on a dangerous mission and succeed! 
Right under the Nazis' noses!

More historical fiction for kids!
Gennifer Choldenko is unparalleled 
in writing this genre/sub-genre 
(whatever label you would care to apply), 
in my opinion!
Al Capone Does My Shirts is the first novel in this trilogy.
And really, how can you resist that title?!?
Choldenko draws upon her own personal experiences 
living with her sister for one of these characters, 
and it is so very real! 
When I finished the third book 
I felt as if I'd had to leave 
some great friends 
on that isolated island!

And now for the final suggestion! Isn't this cover gorgeous?!?
I won this beautiful book by participating in a Re-Readathon this last month,
It arrived at work yesterday and went a long way toward cheering me up!
And of course, as soon as I have read it, it gets shipped off to the grandkidlets!

 You might well ask why I feel a grandma or grandpa 
should still be reading children's literature.
Simple. I believe grandparents need to be able to discuss books with their grandchildren just as parents should do with their children! 
And, besides, I still enjoy these books! 
Have you read any children's literature lately?
Do you have some books you would like to re-read from childhood?


  1. Tuesday, Wednesday...pretty much the same thing! ;) I'd be embarrassed to count how many books I have checked out from the library right now (plus a couple my husband checked out for me on his card!). There's no way I'm going to get to them all!

    1. Hah! A delay of one day isn't bad, I guess! :) My husband and I use the same library card/account and currently have 31 books checked out. I am constantly renewing, but he (who is retired!) typically returns all his books within a week or so. :)~~~~ is what I say to him! ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I know, I know, I should have read many of these books by now, but sigh, hasn't happened yet. I will be bumping some of these up though.

    And yeah, Tuesday, Wednesday - same thing. I agree with Laurie on that. At this point, I am pretty much waiting for the weekend. :-)

    1. I am ALWAYS waiting for the weekend!! :) Hey, I just read the Green Gables series for the FIRST time last year! It is never too late. I have never read the Little House books either, but am this year for our read-along. It's fun, I think. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh, yes, I totally agree, especially The Little House books. : )

    I hope when I am a grandma that I can even read these w/ my grandkids. (So I hope kids still like reading, by then.)

    1. Oh, I think kids will read, especially if there are books in the house and they see others (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, whomever) reading! That is the key! But then, I do tend to be an eternal optimist at heart! Thanks for stopping by!