Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sudden Death...for Andy Carpenter?

This is the fourth book in the Andy Carpenter series.
Andy's luck holds regarding solving a crime 
and identifying the perpetrator(s), 
but will that be true in the 'loving relationship' department?

Laurie, the love of his life and assistant, has been 
offered a job back in her hometown after attending a class reunion. 
Andy agonizes all through the book about this opportunity presented to her and whether she will choose to leave him or not, understandably so. 
He loves her to death and doesn't understand why she doesn't want to get married. Though, in all fairness, he's never really asked... 
Yes, that could be a problem! 

Tony Preston, wide receiver for the New York Jets is dead. Kenny Schilling, the New York Giants' star running back has been arrested for Tony's murder.
Andy is a huge sports fan...and an defense attorney...and Kenny's lawyer.
It looks impossible, as if there is no way to prove Kenny's innocence, 
if he is, in fact, innocent!

I submit the opening paragraphs for your reading pleasure!

I step off the plane, and for the first time in my life, I'm in Los Angeles. I'm not sure why I've never been here before. I certainly haven't had any preconceived notions about the place, other than the fact that the people here are insincere, draft-dodging, drug-taking, money-grubbing, breast-implanting, out-of-touch, pate-eating, pompous, Lakers-loving, let's-do-lunching, elitist scumbags.
But here I am, open-minded as always. 
Walking next to me is Willie Miller, whose own mind is so wide-open that anything at all is completely free to go in and out, and often does. I'm not sure how thoughts actually enter his mind, but the point of exit is definitely his mouth. "This place ain't so cool," says Willie. (1)
This. This is it. This is one of the main reasons I read this series! Pure entertainment with a solid mystery thrown into the mix! :) Open-mindedness is NOT what I would call this! :) Humorous, however, is what I would term it! :)

Andy and Laurie frequently try to get information from Pete, a member of the local police force. Often he feels unable to share much with the 'defense.' However,
There would be no downside at all to his supplying background information in this case, 
since it is under the jurisdiction of the state police.
"Did he give you specifics?" I ask.
She shakes her head. "Over dinner with you. Tonight. He invited me as well."
I nod with resignation, Since I've inherited my fortune, Pete's goal has been to make me poor again. He does this by selecting the most overpriced restaurants he can find and then stuffing himself to the point where he has to be lifted out of his chair with a crane, while I pick up the tab. "I hope he didn't choose the restaurant," I say. 
"He did. It's a place in the city." 
New York City. Pete hates New York City, always has, but he's apparently 
become disenchanted with the reasonable cost structure of New Jersey restaurants. 
"It would be cheaper to bribe the jury," I say.  (71)
Again, love that humor! 

Andy plays a rather dangerous game, pitting one mobster against another, all to try to keep himself alive. As he has stated before, he feels that Edna, his Administrative Assistant, is rarely very useful. He is visiting Paul Moreno, to convince him to prevent Andy from being killed.
Paul Moreno's personal assistant is so cute and perky she could be a cheerleader.
In the next five minutes Cassie announces my presence to Moreno, fields two phone calls, 
brings me some delicious hot coffee, and gets me in to see Moreno. 
All of this she accomplishes with a smile. She is the anti-Edna. (103)
But, Edna is a wonder at completing crossword puzzles! Doesn't that count?!? :)

This book provides yet another murderer who is wily and discreet. Though I admit, I was quite suspicious of the correct person/people, I wasn't certain until the very end. 
The end...when Laurie makes a decision regarding 
moving back to her hometown or staying with Andy.
Rosenfelt does a great job of incorporating Andy's mental 'self talk' 
regarding Laurie and his relationship with her. 
He always wants to be witty and wise, but typically...isn't!

Lovin' this series! Do you read any mystery series?

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