Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Little House Read-Along for June: The Long Winter

It's that time of the month yet once again!
Time to think of the next Little House Read-Along book...
this time for June! 
Check out the schedule and everyone's reviews here!
We have read the first 5 books in the series of 9.
The next installment in this series is The Long Winter.
Then we'll have the last three months' reads to go.
We're almost halfway through 2016!!!
Whoa! Exactly how did that happen? :)
You can check out Bex's announcement for June here.
I am really excited to see how the series 
progresses from here. 
We now have Almanzo and his brother Royal living in the 
same vicinity as Laura and her family. 
I can only assume they meet in this next book.
I'll be curious to see how much Laura's 
fascination with horses plays into their initial relationship! :) 
Pa cracks me up the way he always knows the gossip 
and who's who, though Ma isn't able to get out much, so she wouldn't hear much news, except through Pa, I guess!

Farmer Boy is my favorite book of the series thus far. 
And I think perhaps By the Shores of Silver Lake is my second favorite. 
Although then I think of the first two books, Little House in the Big Woods and 
Little House on the Prairie, and all those exquisite details of daily activities in the primitive lifestyle and how much I loved that! And I loved On the Banks of Plum Creek 
for the descriptions of the various challenges the Ingalls' faced and survived.
<sigh> I think they're ALL my favorites! 
How about you? Do you have a favorite among the books in this series?
Onward to The Long Winter!
(I find it a bit ironic that we're reading The Long Winter during summertime.
At least where I live it is summer!)


  1. I posted links to my own review all over the place...except here! :) (It's hell gettin' old!) :)

  2. Snuck mine in on the last day of the month :)

    1. That's not sneakin', that's legit! :) I did the same thing last night with my June review for The Pickwick Papers read-along! :)