Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday for June 14!!

Here we are at another Tuesday! Already! (How does that happen?!? lol) 
I love to anticipate new releases, so this week's topic is right up my alley!
It is:
The Top Ten Eleven Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2016!!
Here is my Top Ten Tuesday page with postings from the past.
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for this week here! (There are always sooooo many!)
I love to anticipate anxiously awaited new releases!
I will list these in chronological order.
Image result for here comes the sun dennis-benn cover image

Shaina of Shaina Reads says it is "stellar"
I hope she will share more of her thoughts on this one! 
Meanwhile, I adore reading debut novels and especially 
those set in diverse locations, such as Jamaica! 
SOLD!! :)

Image result for outfoxed rosenfelt cover image
#2 Outfoxed by David Rosenfelt (Andy Carpenter #14) 
(July 19)

Mix together one county prison inmate, Brian; 
one adorable fox terrier, Boomer; 
one daring prison escape; one murdered witness; and finally, 
one defense attorney/amateur sleuth, Andy Carpenter...
and what do you have? 
One surefire intriguing mystery and 
much enjoyment reading it! :) 
And, as I have stated, I do love mysteries!
This is the 14th installment in Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter series which I adore! 
I have also read one of his stand-alone mysteries, Blackout
which was just released January 5, 2016! 
I can especially highly recommend it since my husband 
also read it (at my urging) and loved it! 
He and I rarely are enamored with the same authors, so when that happens 
I believe it means those books will appeal to an even wider audience! 

Confession time: one of my friends and the owner of our local Indie bookstore, attended BEA and offered ARCs to me. 
I selected this one, since I have listened to and adored 
the audiobook version of her memoir, Brown Girl Dreaming
I plan to read the 'tree' book so I can complete 
a blog post for that one. In the meantime 
I have had Another Brooklyn in my house for at least a month 
and have yet to read it, so perhaps this will be an additional motivation to do so! I can't imagine it won't be excellent!

Image result for the trespasser tana french cover image
(Dublin Murder Squad #6) 
(August 11)

Tana French is one of my absolute favorite writers! 
I have read and loved the first four in this series, 
In the Woods, The Likeness, Faithful Place, and Broken Harbor. She is one of the rare mystery writers who, in my opinion, 
can make each and every book so VERY different and unique
from the last one and the others! She is utterly amazing! 
I will admit that Broken Harbor was almost a bit too creepy for me, but it was soooo well executed! 
(Remember, I am a REAL wuss!) Another confession: I admit that I own 
The Secret Place and have yet to read it. 
Perhaps knowing that another installment is due soon will be a motivator to get it read!

A House Without Windows

Dammit! Yet another confession: 
I own The Pear That Broke Its Shell 
and STILL have not read it! Damn! Damn! Damn! 
Again, hopefully knowing yet another release 
is due soon will motivate me to read it! Soon! 
After all the raves I read about The Pearl That Broke Its Shell
I cannot imagine that I will NOT enjoy her writing! 
It definitely sounds as if it is in my wheelhouse! :)

(August 16)

This book has been awarded the 
2015 Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize 
and it just sounds like a good one! 
I do tend to enjoy autobiographies. 

book cover
      (September 6)
Dammit! Yet another confession: I own the Monogram Murders which is the first book she published using Agatha Christie's characters may well have guessed...
Let us hope I get to it before this one is released! 
I love Christie and am fairly certain that I have literally read every mystery she had published throughout my lifetime thus far. 
So anxious to see what I think of Hannah's writing 
compared to Christie's. 
And I've never read one of Sophie Hannah's, so maybe that's a good thing, 
to go in blind...

The Conjoined: A Novel

(September 13)
Oh, this sounds so 'right up my alley'! 

Social worker. Check. 
Foster parent. Check. 
Dead bodies. Check. 
Mystery. Check. 
Reality check. Check! 
Yep! Gotta read it!

Historical fiction! 
This is Benedict's debut novel, which intrigues me even more. 
I'm thrilled to read about Einstein's first wife who was a 
"brilliant physicist in her own right" and 
"devoted mother of their three children." I had no idea there had been speculation about her own contributions to the special theory of relativity! Science! Count. Me. In. :)

(November 1)

Dammit! These confessions are just too numerous! least this time I do not OWN the book! :) 
I have been meaning to read Everything, Everything 
since it's release...and still have not yet done that! 
It was her debut novel and I really think I would enjoy it! 
Perhaps I will have it read before this one is released! 
The Sun is Also a Star sounds soooo good! 
Here is an amazing article detailing the cover image!

Image result for turbo twenty-three janet evanovich cover image
#11 Turbo Twenty-Three (Stephanie Plum #23) 
(November 15) 

I have already mentioned this series several times on this blog: here and here. Plus, I posted a review for Tricky Twenty-Two
the 22nd installment in this series. 
Joe. Ranger. Damaged/ruined vehicles. 
Crazy assistant bounty hunter. Uncle Vinny. 
Crazed criminals. Oh...yeah! 

I venture to say I will either take the 15th or the 16th 
off work to read this! Yes, I love them that much! 
And I will be guaranteed to laugh...and guessed it! 
LAUGH some more!

Please leave the title of at least one book you are anxiously anticipating 
during the next 6 months in the comments below!
Or feel free to leave a link to your own Top Ten Tuesday posting for this week!
And thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh, boy! A new Tana French! I'm going to put that on my list immediately.

  2. Count me in for a book about Einstein's wife - I hope it's good!
    Also - I didn't know about Nicola Yoon's new book! Sounds promising...

    1. Yes to Yoon! Though I really want to read Everything, Everything!! Have you read it? Agreed about Einstein's wife, since I know very little about the man or his life overall, except that I believe he was dyslexic and his elementary school teachers felt he was unable to learn. At least I remember having heard all that somewhere... :)

    2. Yes! Read it and enjoyed it. YA is not usually my thing, but it was very engaging. I would definitely read her new one!

    3. Cool! That's a good recommendation!

  3. I'm looking forward to Jessie Burton's book The Muse. her debut The Miniaturist was my favorite debut of 2014.

    1. Ugh! I still haven't gotten to The Miniaturist, but it seemed as if I would really enjoy it! Thanks for the reminder and notification of the upcoming release!

  4. I didn't know that Nicola Yoon has new book coming soon. I need to look for it. Plus, cannot wait to read The Other Einstein!

    1. Have you read Everything, Everything. That really looked like a good one! Agreed about The Other Einstein! Thanks for stopping by!