Monday, July 4, 2016

Little House Read-Along for July: Little Town on the Prairie

We were delayed just a bit beyond July 1 with the announcement posting for 
 the seventh installment of the Little House series:
I have linked the above title to the Little House books website.
This site is amazing! I have been linking to it, but not specifically citing it.
There are all kinds of children's activities: 
[Actually, I find adults can also enjoy them! :)] 
crafts, recipes, quizzes, you name it! 
An bountiful resource, especially if you have children or are a teacher!
Here is my Little House page with links to all previous reviews!
And don't forget Twitter-#LittleHouseRAL
I admit to having been busy and not yet having read 
everyone else's reviews of The Long Winter yet, 
but am doing so as soon as this post is published!
And there is An Armchair by the Sea, Bex's blog, 
who is my cohost for this fun reading event!
(She is also hosting a Read-Along of George Eliot's Middlemarch
if you're interested! I'm playing catch-up with that today.)
I want to thank everyone who has been participating;
it is so much fun to read others' thoughts and reactions!
And there's a small kitten on the cover! 
This must be the best one yet, then! 
(Yes, I'm quite enamored with kitties!)
I am really excited about this one, because I suspect Almanzo 
will play a much larger role with regard to Laura. 
And I'm anxious to know whether Mary gets to school or not.
And what will Pa do? Settle down, as promised?

I'm excited and trust you-all are, too!

You know the drill, link-up below with your review, 
or simply comment, whatever your preference!

Happy reading to us all, Little House fans!
(As always, thanks to Bex for the link!)

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