Monday, July 11, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday for July 12!!

A fun weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish!
This week's theme? 
Top Ten Facts About Me

#1 My oldest son turns 38 years old today! 
Although he moved many miles away, taking his wife and six children with him, 
I am so very proud of him and his family!
He is a very hands-on involved father. Cooks. Cleans. Cares for his children.
(He doesn't consider it "babysitting.")
Happy birthday! And here's to many more!

#2 I am a proud mama of three sons!
Trust me, this is an accomplishment! 
I allowed them to live through those teenage years and am glad I did!
(Though there were times...) :)

#3 I now have 11 grandchildren!
It's true! All of them adorable and wonderful in their own unique ways!

#4 I do love animals!
I always dreamed of being a veterinarian, 
but was literally allergic to every fur-bearing animal! 
I sure wish I hadn't been. I was a science/math geek in high school. 
I bet I could have done it...but it was impossible. 
But now I have my felines I can live with! That makes me happy!

#5 I love to read! 
I know. Such shocking revelations I am choosing to reveal to you!
This is one thing for which I am grateful to my mother--
she did everything in her power to encourage me to read--
and it definitely worked! :)

#6 I am an only child--no siblings for me! :(
I'm sure I definitely missed out, but perhaps I'll have tons of siblings 
in future lifetimes, or perhaps I have had in past lifetimes!
Don't get me wrong. I realize it is not always fun, but...

#7 I am searching for an employer who will PAY ME TO READ, dammit! :)
I love it! I'm very skilled. Someone hire me now! ;)

#8 Though I love blogging, so many times 
I just want to read rather than blog!
It's so true! And I feel that working full-time in front of a computer also discourages me from doing the same thing when I'm home in the evening or even on the weekend!
I love composing and posting reviews, just doesn't 
compare in enjoyment to reading more books!

#9 If I had the opportunity I would definitely be a perpetual student, 
teaching some courses on the side!
As I told someone just last week, I would always be taking courses if I could do so.
I love to learn!!
I made a commitment to myself to read more Nonfiction this year
and I'm so glad I did...and have! 

And last...but by no means least...
#10 I am a logophile!
*GASP!!* I know...again...more shocking revelations!
I love playing word games. I. JUST. LOVE. WORDS! 

Tell me one thing about yourself!


  1. Aw 11 grandchildren! That's amazing :-) Lovely to know more about you.

    1. Thanks! What I love most about the grandchildren is watching my own children and their spouses be such wonderful parents!

  2. Ah, 11 grandchildren, that is so great. And I am an only child as well. :) Great list.

  3. Happy birthday to your son.
    Reading and learning - that would be the ultimate job!

  4. If you find that job that pays you to read books that YOU like...let me know!!

    1. I will definitely spread the word! :) (Don't hold your breath!)

  5. Haha, your number 10 made my list this week, too :)

    My TTT.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by! Did you do this TTT? I'll have to visit and see! :)

  7. Well happy birthday (one day belated) to your son! He sounds like a wonderful family man. And it also sounds like you have a large family that you cherish. :) I'm very allergic to most animal dander so I wouldn't have done well in that line of work, either. And if you find someone willing to pay you to read... pass along my number, will you? LOL


    1. Oh, definitely, Tanya! I will gladly alert any and all to that employment opportunity! Unless of course...there is only ONE position available...then...well... ;) All three of my sons are actively involved with their families, they do it all, there is no "woman's work," as my ex used to say! :)