Friday, March 25, 2016

A Day in the Life...

I just discovered this meme and annual event yesterday! (I love this graphic!) 
This is the brain-child of Trish of Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity!
I particularly appreciate the bit of history she provides to the establishment of this event!

It is a rather unique idea and after reading several other bloggers' posts decided I would give it a go this year, too. Although I am a bit tardy, it's okay, right?!? :)

My Thursday, March 24, 2016

5:23AM Although my alarm is set for 5:30AM, I awake and wonder what time it is. It feels
              close to awakening time, but I'm not sure. Usually, I do my best NOT to look at my 
              phone/alarm, since I have found that can sometimes get my mind working and it 
              can be a task to turn it off once again and resume sleeping! (I read this tip
              about 20 years ago and it made sense to me. Once I started noticing, I discovered 
              it did sometimes happen to me! Hence, it is one of the hints I suggest to those 
              friends who may complain about not being able to sleep soundly.) 
              However, I probably should greatly qualify this statement since my husband may 
              read this and comment...the truth is...I rarely have ANY trouble sleeping! Rarely! 
              Even if awakened, I am able to go right back to sleep immediately 99.9% of the 
              time! My comment to him periodically is..."Remember, awaken me only for a 
              natural disaster, 'cause I'll probably not be aware..." I do sleep like a log. And, 
              typically once I'm in bed and the light is out, it is at most only a matter of a 
              few minutes before I'm snoring away. :) And, yes, especially as I get older 
              (approaching 60!) I appreciate this ability more and more!

5:30AM And as it should my alarm on my phone begins to bring me out of my deep sleep 
              over the course of 20 minutes. Yes, you read that right, 20 minutes! As easy as it 
              is for me to fall asleep, it is in turn at least that difficult for me to wake up in the 
              morning!! :) (As both my grandmother and mother could confirm from my youth!) 
              I had been looking at "Zen" alarm clocks throughout the years. These use sounds 
              that gradually bring your mind out of a deep sleep rather than shocking it to 
              wakefulness with loud noises. (Which honestly rarely worked for me!) They were 
              priced at $150 and up--beyond what I was willing or, let's face it, able, to spend for 
              an alarm clock. With my first smart phone purchase I searched through available 
              alarm clock apps and discovered Progressive Alarm Clock. Upon reading about it, 
              I was more than happy to pay the small price of $3.99 to try it. (I see the price is 
              currently $1.99-- a bargain! ;)) And...I love it! Not only does this gently persuade 
              me to full wakefulness, it also ensures I am not ANGRY about having to get up! 
              That was definitely a new experience for me! A very pleasant change, I might add!
              I keep snoozing off and on...until...

5:48AM Okay, alarm off, phone and charging cable in hand and glasses on. I'm ready to 
              exit the bedroom and start my morning routine. (I try to be quiet so as not to wake 
              my husband!) Per the usual, I am escorted out by my beautiful 18-year-old feline 
              housemate, Smokie! (I wonder if she believes I am unable to make my way out on 
              my own! :) Though I love having her 'attend' to me first thing!) I change clothes, 
              start water heating in the tea kettle, and pet and wish a "Good morning!" to all 5 
              felines with whom we share our abode. While my tea steeps I complete five 
              minutes' practice of "five animals." This is a Chi Kung exercise. In the past I would 
              complete a short form of Taichi, then Chi Kung forms, then a hand-held weights 
              workout for a total of 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes of physical exertion. 
              have not done much of this in my mornings since I began caring for my mother 
              about 4 years ago. And, trust me, I can tell. Having dealt with osteo-arthritis from 
              the age of 18, I can attest to the benefits of working the body's chi and getting the 
              blood pumping with weights. I am at the beginning stages of renewing my efforts in 
              this area of my life. As my new D.O./Primary Care Provider said, "It only takes 5 
              minutes per day of exercise to make a positive change in your fitness level." So 
              true! So rather than think of the 60 minutes or more for me to complete the whole 
              workout, I am simply starting with 5 minutes, and so far it is working! As I feel 
              better I will keep adding to it. Note: I have my husband to thank for Taichi and Chi 
              Kung, as he teaches both (along with Sword Form). Just one of the many many 
              benefits of having this man in my life!

6:05AM All settled in "my chair" with earbuds in, Holosync meditation playing on my 
              phone/in my ears, two kitties in my lap, one on the back of my chair, and one on 
              the arm! I play several games on my phone, then read The Cay by 
              Theodore Taylor. (Part of my Re-Readathon project hosted by Bex of 
               An Armchair by the Sea!) Meditation lasts 60 minutes, so... (NOTE: I also have 
               my husband to thank for the Holosync recommendation. I discover it helps me 
               immensely with remaining calm and more focused throughout the day.)

7:15AM I force myself out of the chair to complete the morning routine and head out to the 
              office. :) (I find it tough to put the book down...but that is typical for me!) I feed the 
              fur-babies their first of two 'wet food' feedings for the day, also refilling their bowls 
              of dry food and water. As they eat (I have one I must watch because she will chase 
              others away from their bowls sometimes...), I consume my Isagenix meal-
              replacement shake, and check the weather on my phone so I can know how to 
              dress for the temperature, etc. (BTW, I have used Isagenix about 7 years now and 
              attribute it with keeping me off the anti-inflammatory medications!) I dress, comb 
              my hair (quit wearing make-up about 10 years ago), brush my teeth, get my 
              cooler packed, kiss my husband, and head out the door at... (NOTE: I always have 
              a soft-side cooler with me during the workday because I haul my own super-
              filtered water to drink! Yes, I am THAT picky! I usually drink 1-1 1/2 liters of water 
              during the workday, some of that with green tea. I also haul all our drinking and 
              cooking water into the house! I admitted I am picky!)

7:45AM My commute is roughly 45 minutes and I usually use this time to (1) check my 
              phone for traffic jams as I near the city, (2) listen to NPR on the radio or use my 
              phone to listen to NPR podcasts, Ted Talks, etc. 

8:35AM I clock in at work. Today is a busy day at work as I have much to do to finalize 
              preparations for tomorrow. :) Our students will be here for a day-long finale to their 
              current clinical rotation. Since I am the administrative assistant who coordinates all 
              the details (scheduling, paperwork, certification, etc.) for the rotations, I must be 
              organized and ready! :) I field emails, organize files, complete forms, etc.

10:05AM Time for a cup of green tea and a snack! Plus a bathroom break!

10:20AM Back at it. Finalizing, posting, and emailing Information Sheets, printing and 
                organizing materials for upcoming Accreditation review, entering evaluation data 
                and scheduling information into our electronic tracking system students use while 
                on clinical rotations. Dealing with students' questions, email messages, etc.

12:58AM Hungry, but not too. Another cup of green tea and some crackers and cheese and
                homemade cream of asparagus soup! Yay! Short break. 

1:12PM More of the same work tasks from this morning. (Never done... Job security I 
              guess! :)) More emphasis on pulling reports from the electronic system this 
              afternoon and planning tasks for the student worker to complete next week. (Next 
              week will be quite a break. Only two faculty in, me, and our student worker during 
              her scheduled hours. It is Spring Break so no students to interrupt me! It should be 
              very productive!)

2:30PM Yipes! Meeting with the Clinical Coordinator to update the rotation schedule for the 
              next 5 months! 

3:30PM Return to office and take break to get more tea and eat some cottage cheese! :)

3:50PM Back at it! I feel as if the electronic files are NEVER fully organized, especially my 
              email folders! But that doesn't prevent me from persevering!

5:40PM Time for a restroom break and some more tea. I have about an hour to complete 
              all my tasks.

5:50PM Finishing the final list and emailing students.

7:00PM Done! On my way home. I could stop at the library to pickup a book I had on hold, 
              but I really just want to get home, especially since my husband is teaching this 
              evening and I want to feed the 'feline herd'!

7:45PM The fur-babies greet me at the door. They're ready for that second wet food 
              feeding of the day! I feed them, refill their dry food and water, and eat some yogurt. 
              Then...I have dessert! Ice cream! It is one of our absolute favorite foods! (I fully 
              admit that one of the advantages of an "empty nest" once my three children were 
              out on their own, is that I can eat whatever I want to eat whenever I want to eat it!) 
              I unload the cooler, change, and settle into my chair to read and blog.

8:30PM I finish the children's book I am reading for Bex's Re-Readathon--The Cay by 
              Theodore Taylor, and begin re-reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell for my 
              book club meeting this Saturday. This is an awesome book and I'm looking forward 
              to immersing myself in it tomorrow evening so I'll be ready for book club on 
              Saturday afternoon. (I read this at the end of 2014, so must refresh my 
              memory to enable discussion...since I'm old!) I also catch up on games on my 
              phone and complete my blog post/review of Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys, which
              is an absolutely amazing book that I believe everyone should read! :)

10:20PM My husband is home and we talk for a bit. I change and get ready for bed. 

10:55PM I am in bed, set my alarm, and snuggle in. 
               (A couple of felines come in to check on me!)

Not so interesting, but it's rather fun to write it all down, isn't it? 
Although our days seem mundane, really, we do accomplish a lot, don't we?
Now I'm anxious to read others' posts


  1. This was very nice and I enjoyed reading about your day. Every 'day' I've read about has been unique, but it's fun to see what others do. Some similarities - like books - but that's why we blog right? Thanks for sharing! Great pics of your kitties!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Kay! I plan to read others' posts this weekend. :)

  2. Our brains are wired the same way! I am so good at sleeping that I never ever want to wake up. I'm notoriously terrible at mornings and rarely have trouble falling asleep (though it's been known to happen when I'm worried, but even then a dose of Tolstoy will knock me out right quick!)

    1. Hmmm...I've yet to tackle a Tolstoy, but perhaps I should keep one by the bedside, just in case! :) Thanks for stopping by! Anxious to read everyone else's post...

  3. Oh! I'm the same way about looking at the time when I get up in the morning. I prefer to wake up with the alarm or else I'm constantly aware of the time and its passing. The ironic part is that, if I wake up early I am wide awake until my alarm goes (if I've made the faux pas of checking the time), and the moment I turn it off I crash into a deep sleep that lasts 15 to 20 mins!!!

    1. I hear ya! My problem is that I could typically sleep an additional 1-2 hours if I don't get up with the alarm! It's as if my body craves sleep! 😀 We in the US supposedly don't get as much sleep as we should...maybe that's why? Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I was thinking this morning as I read through A Day in The Life posts that this is a great way to appreciate having "normal" days, which we can sometimes take for granted! Love your cat pictures! I agree with you on the meals-thing. When I'm on my own, regular meals and mealtimes go out the window!

    1. You are right! We all should really appreciate our days. We are very lucky to have "normal" lives! We do love our fur-babies! A doctor once mentioned to me that he felt children, left to their own eating schedule were smarter than adults--they eat when they're hungry. I have tried to follow that as much as I can in my "empty nest"!

  5. What I love about reading everyone's normal days is how it makes me feel like anyone I see could be a blogger--for example, wandering through Target I sometimes think "I wonder if she keeps a blog." We're just ordinary people and I love that.

    Your fur-babes are gorgeous and I snorted a bit at your comment about the ice cream. Hub and I joke about bedtime being the time of day when we can eat whatever junk we want without feeling like hypocrites. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your day Lynn!

    1. I know what you mean about potentially "spotting" a blogger. Someone was generically describing their location and it sounded rather close to where I live/work. It set me wondering... :) Love that you snorted about the ice cream! It is a real treat for us--our favorite! And thank you for creating and hosting this truly amazing event! It is so much fun!