Saturday, March 5, 2016

Little House Read-Along for March: Farmer Boy

And it is already the third month of 2016! 
Where does the time go? :)
(A rhetorical question, at best!)
Bex and I have had a slow start this month, but are on the bandwagon now!
This next read in the Little House series veers into new territory (pardon the pun). 
We move to New York state and into Almonzo's childhood.
I. Cannot. Wait. There are several reasons for my interest in this book...
I never will forget the only time I have been in New York, I was 7 years old and with my aunt and uncle, and simply driving through upper New York state.
I was absolutely amazed! The only thing I'd ever heard of with regard to New York 
was the huge metropolis known as New York City! 
I was blown away to realize there was rural farmland just like mine back home in Indiana!
So now I am fascinated to see what stories we will have 
from Almonzo's childhood in that same region of the U.S.

We are hopeful that this month's Linky post will work better than it did last month!
(Our fingers are crossed!
Can't wait to see what we all think of this one!
Happy reading and reviewing to us all!


  1. It was so fun to get Almanzo's childhood this month! Really enjoyed this one. Now I'm excited to see how Laura and Almanzo meet--how do they end up in the same place? :)

    1. I do not know the answer to that. This is my first time to read the series and I try not to discover too much about a book before reading it, so very little research beforehand. :) It will be exciting to find out!